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Job opportunitues

Postdoc Position

Postdoc Position in Development of a Quantum Key Distribution System to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Television Channels

Research Center: Institute of Computer Technology and Information Security (ICTIS)
University: Southern Federal University
Location: Taganrog, Russia
Research supervisor: Prof. Konstantin
Job Type: Full time
Career Stage: after PhD
Closing Date: June 21st 2020 (23:00 Moscow time)
Announcement of results: June 30, 2020.
Salary: 70 000 rubles per month including tax

Job description

The postdoctoral fellow will be involved in research activities focusing on integration of TV channels with the QKD system in the basic topology of a point-to-point or star quantum network with trusted nodes and a quantum key server in the center. Based on the stated principles, a model of a television network with an integrated quantum key distribution system will be developed taking into account the specifics of photon propagation in a fiber-optic or atmospheric environment. The method and algorithms implementing it for effective integration of TV channels with the quantum key distribution system will be justified. Technical solutions implementing the proposed algorithm/algorithms for integrating TV channels with the quantum key distribution system will be patented. Certificates of registration will be received for software implementations. An assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of the QKD system will be made to exclude unauthorized access to television channels.

Applicant Requirements 

*  The subject of the dissertation should be related to the processing of optical signals or the protection of optical communication systems;
*  fluency in English (at least Upper-Intermediate level);
*  at least 3 research papers in the last 3 years in international peer-reviewed journals indexed in Scopus and / or Web of Science;
*  strong knowledge of modern technical solutions to create communication systems (telecommunications systems) and components, the latest equipment and software, prospects for technical development of the communications and telecommunications industry;
*  skills in applying information and communication technologies to design and perform calculations;
*  skills of drafting and submitting the presentation materials for the project;
*  experience in working with optical communication systems, understanding the basic laws and principles of quantum physics;
*  experience of speaking English at an international conference on the problem related to the study of optical communication systems. 
*  absence of employment relations with SFedU over the past 5 years.

Research performance indicators:

*  In the first year: at least two peer-reviewed publications (including one in a journal) indexed in Scopus and (or) Web of Science.
*  In the second year: at least two peer-reviewed publications in journals (including one in a journal of the first or second quartile) indexed in Scopus and (or) Web of Science.
*  In the third year: at least two peer-reviewed publications in journals of the first or second quartile. Filing an application for international or Russian patent is equivalent to a research paper indexed in Scopus or Web of Science.
*  Postdoctoral supervision of Master's Thesis ; at least two per year.
*  At least one application per year for a research grant with a funding volume of at least 1 million rubles.
*  Oral presentations of scientific results at research conferences by the postdoc ; at least two per year.

What we offer

*  Employment contract for 3 years, available since September 1, 2020.
*  Living allowance reimbursement in the amount of up to ₽10,000 per month.
*  Reimbursement of moving expenses to Taganrog (bus or railway or air tickets in economy class) for postdocs living outside of Taganrog;
*  Presentations of ones research findings at national and international conferences with covered registration fees and travel expenses for two conferences per year.
*  Access to the-state-of-the art equipment and facilities.

How to Apply

International and Russian candidates up to and including 39 years of age are welcome to apply.

The application is to be sent to

Interested applicants should submit a motivation letter, a full curriculum vitae, list of publications and related projects in the research field, two recommendation letters and the PhD Diploma. 

Enquires on the job description should be made to: Prof. Konstantin

Please, ask general questions Phone: +7(863) 218-40-00, ext. 30-010. Email:

You can find full information on the postdoc competition on the link: