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SFedU Students' Union


At Southern Federal University, it is   currently one of the priorities to promote   student self-government. SFedU   administration holds the view that student   self-government makes it easier to   solve certain university problems, as well as helps students to become more   responsible, sensible, independent-minded and socially aware.

Student self-government is effected through SFedU Students Union. It is made up of  members of smaller students unions, such as the faculties, institutes and campuses unions. SFedU Students Union is capable of affecting the universitys policy due to its representation in the Academic Council. It is the Unions current aim to increase such representation.

SFedU Students Union is actively involved in the coordination of sporting and cultural events. It also deals with students social problems and assists academically excellent students in obtaining special scholarships and grants.

Yakov Aslanov, a student of the Faculty of Regional Studies has been Chairman of SFedU Student Union since February 2012.

SFedU Sport Clubs 

- arm wrestling
- badminton
- basketball
- beach volleyball
- cheerleading
- chess and checkers
- darts
- football
- futsal
- gymnastics
- handball
- judo
- martial arts
- mountaineering
- orienteering
- parachuting
- rhythmic gymnastics
- rock climbing
- rugby
- sailing
- sambo (Russian martial art and combat sport)
- sports hiking
- swimming
- table tennis
- track and field
- taekwondo
- volleyball
- weightlifting / powerlifting
- wrestling (Greco-Roman and freestyle)
- wushu